Crypto's Three-Body Problem
Laura Lotti, Sam Hart, Toby Shorin    January 15, 2024

Protocol designers work with markets and code but frequently ignore the vital institutional functions served by social norms and the law itself. The absence of these regulatory functions considerably limits the forms of pro-social behavior that can be fostered or enforced.

Social Security for Web3 Work
Laura Lotti, Tara Merk, Nick Houde    September 13, 2023

A design spec for a mechanisms to address three dimensions of security for DAO contributors: psychosocial stability, financial stability and regulatory clarity.

Effective Accountability for Uniswap Governance
Laura Lotti, heatdeathx, Joanna Pope, Jordan Teague    Sep 13, 2022

The introduction of a Business Source License 1.1 for Uniswap v3 offers new opportunities and challenges for accountability in partnerships in Uniswap governance.

The Lore Zone (Chapters 1-3)
Libby Marrs, Tiger Dingsun    July 20, 2022

Memes, memories, micro-mythologies: an investigation of how communities build worlds and record their own histories on the internet.

Uniswap Governance Research, 2021-2023
Other Internet    2021-2023

Other Internet conducted research, facilitated stakeholders, and led governance initiatives for Uniswap Protocol.

Aping into Progress: A Report on Crypto Philanthropy
Bryan Lehrer    July 6, 2022

Documenting an emerging philanthropic paradigm. Reckoning with the virtues of crypto.

There's a Neighbor for That: On civic associations as a social technology
Aaron Z. Lewis, Adam Willems, Josh Morin    June 27, 2022

Investigating the art of association in the digital age.

The State of Uniswap Governance: A Paradox of Minimization
Aaron Z. Lewis, Laura Lotti, Joanna Pope    May 25, 2022

The ground truth of Uniswap governance and its greatest opportunities for improvement.

Curating Value Exchange: Presentation + Q&A with Hito Steyerl
Sam Hart, Laura Lotti, Toby Shorin    May 20, 2022

The future of public arts institutions: a proposal and conversation with Hito Steryl.

Tracking the Rise of Interest Representation in Uniswap Governance
Laura Lotti, Joanna Pope    January 18, 2022

Uniswap governance is quickly becoming an important venue for lobbying by groups whose goals extend beyond the bounds of the Uniswap protocol.

PoolTogether Research Report: Vibes, Labor, Constituencies
Toby Shorin, Laura Lotti, Aaron Lewis, Joanna Pope, Maria Gomez    November 24, 2021

Cultivating positive vibes, working in public, and rewarding contributions: PoolTogether showcases the challenges of working for an open protocol.

Uniswap Research Report: Discord, Governance, Community
Toby Shorin, Laura Lotti, Aaron Lewis, Joanna Pope, Maria Gomez    August 18, 2021

As it progressively decentralizes, Uniswap faces three core tensions around community strategy and off-chain governance.

Moving Castles: Modular and Portable Multiplayer Miniverses
Arthur Roing Baer, GVN908    August 2, 2021

Moving Castles is an organisational metaphor and real-time media type which combines collective agency and public participation in modular and portable multiplayer miniverses.

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A Prehistory of DAOs
Kei Kreutler    July 21, 2021

Cooperatives, gaming guilds, and the networks to come.

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Positive Sum Worlds: The Remaking of Public Goods
Toby Shorin, Laura Lotti, Sam Hart    July 02, 2021

An era of global protocols requires a visionary definition of public goods, in service of others and towards civilizational longevity.

Inventories, Not Identities
Kei Kreutler    March 31, 2021

Approaching identity as a composable inventory enables us to better handle the challenges of interoperability, pseudonymity, and collectivity.

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Squad Wealth
Sam Hart, Toby Shorin, Laura Lotti    August 19, 2020

The squad is the basic user class for the tools we need today as a society.

Come for the Network, Pay for the Tool
Toby Shorin    July 15, 2020

Paid groups, bespoke social networks, and the meaning of community for internet-native businesses.

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Market-Protocol Fit
Laura Lotti, Sam Hart, Toby Shorin    April 17, 2020

How token-based projects attain value and adoption in decentralized environments.

Spatial Software
John Palmer    April 9, 2020

Software applications can utilize spatial interfaces to afford users powerful ways of thinking and interacting.

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Toby Shorin, Drew Austin, Kara Kittel, Edouard Urcades    March 25, 2020

Culture | Brands | Space | Entertainment | Tools | Politics | Death

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Headless Brands
Toby Shorin, Laura Lotti, Sam Hart    October 2, 2019

Headless brands are decentralized consensus systems which facilitate emergent narratives without centralized oversight.