Other Internet

Other Internet is a strategy and research firm.

We research new models for understanding culture and industry, and create strategies for acting on these models. Executives, product teams, and investors seek us out to co-develop specialized knowledge and implement these strategies.

We use a multidisciplinary approach to research and knowledge development, with particular interest and expertise in emerging technology, identity and culture, money and blockchain, knowledge and media, and ecology.


Toby Shorin, Director

Product strategist and cultural analyst.

Focus on technological and cultural systems of identity, agency, and value.

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Darren Kong, Strategist

Strategist in emerging technology and enterprise innovation.

Focus on supply chain, agriculture, media, digital health, finance, blockchain.


Bryan Lehrer, Researcher

Analyst, designer, and researcher.

Focus on the evolution of environmental and social impact, technology, and consumer behavior.


Laura Lotti, Researcher

Economist, philosopher, and token model researcher.

Focus on new economic relations enabled by Web 3 technologies.


Sam Hart, Researcher

Former genomics scientist turned cryptoeconomist.

Focus on mechanism design and evolutionary systems.


Research Partners

Our extended network of engineers, researchers, and thinkers.

Research and Projects
Our independent research and projects aim to understand infrastructure for new computing and emerging ways of living.
Other Internet Web3
Products, platforms, and protocols in a distributed computation environment. Toward new ownership models for internet-based organizations.
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Other Internet Workshops

Curated workshops, classes, and reading groups, taught remotely by members of the Other Internet community.

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Refactor Camp 2019
We helped organize Refactor Camp 2019, a gathering of people in and around the Ribbonfarm blog community and readership.
Social Impact: Assorted Essays and Research
Design Theory and Practice


Our model for bringing clients and partners into our research is heavily participatory. We typically meet on a weekly basis to co-develop knowledge in strategic areas through discussion and workshops.

We've co-created investment theses, brand development frameworks, executive thought leadership, product design methodologies, and ecosystem strategy through this process.

Our ambition for each partnership is to strengthen our and our partners' market positioning in the short term, and unique sustainable advantages long term. Services include:

  • Brand & product strategy
  • Market viability & segmentation
  • Protocol & whitepaper development
  • Organizational design
  • Executive research
  • Industry analysis & thought leadership
  • Venture investment due diligence
  • Product research & prototyping
"Seeing how you navigate, categorize, and formalize information is truly impressive."

Contact us at info@otherinter.net.