Other Internet

Other Internet is an applied research organization in emerging technology.

Our process is different. We research, prototype, and execute new models for thinking about culture and technology. In doing so we’ve become responsible for the narratives and products driving software, money, knowledge, media, and culture.

We are open to collaboration with companies and individuals.

Squad Wealth
Sam Hart, Toby Shorin, Laura Lotti
Culture  Research
Headless Brands
Toby Shorin, Laura Lotti, Sam Hart
Web3  Research
Protocol-Market Fit
Laura Lotti, Sam Hart, Toby Shorin
Web3  Research
Culture  Research
Spatial Software
John Palmer
Design  Research
Toby Shorin, Drew Austin, Kara Kittel, Edouard Urcades
Culture  Research


Toby Shorin, Director

Product strategist and cultural analyst.

Focus on technological and cultural systems of identity, agency, and value.

@tobyshorin tobyshorin.com

Bryan Lehrer, Researcher

Analyst, designer, and researcher.

Focus on the evolution of environmental and social impact, technology, and consumer behavior.


Sam Hart, Researcher

Former genomics scientist turned cryptoeconomist.

Focus on mechanism design and evolutionary systems.


Laura Lotti, Researcher

Economist, philosopher, and token model researcher.

Focus on new economic relations enabled by Web 3 technologies.


Kara Kittel, Researcher

Media theorist, community strategist, and game designer.

Focus on internet-native coordination behavior, and AI/ML.


John Palmer, Researcher

Product designer and software engineer.

Focus on spatial software, crypto, and early-stage startups.

@john_c_palmer darkblueheaven.com

Work Together

We work with companies, founders, and investors who are aligned with our research themes. Our approach is heavily participatory. When co-developing knowledge in strategic areas, such as investment theses and ecosystem models, we work through workshops and discussion, and develop ongoing research relationships.

When applying these ideas to new products and services, we take a more traditional sprint-based approach. In both cases, our ambition is to strengthen our and our partners' unique sustainable advantages.

We've worked with people and teams like Jesse Walden, Sari Azout, ARCA DAO, Braid, Aragon, Zora, Coin Center, and others. Services include:

  • Product & brand strategy
  • Market viability & segmentation
  • Ecosystem composed projects
  • Decentralization & ownership strategy
  • Governance research and proposals
  • Protocol & ecosystem analysis
  • Venture investment due diligence
  • Product research & prototyping

Contact us at info@otherinter.net.