Other Internet is a decentralized applied research organization. We study and build social technology.

What is social technology? Social technology is the hardware and software that determine how we organize and collectively live our lives. But it is also the the ideas, knowledge, economics, and institutions that drive culture and sustain societies. And it is the way this knowledge is embedded in the technologies we use.

Other Internet is a group of people building a deep understanding of technologically-driven change. We are developing narratives, initiatives, and software primitives that direct technology toward a future that is more free, fun, peaceful, and equitable. What brings us together is our shared interest in cultivating agency with technology, expanding technology literacy, and enabling our society to adapt to the dramatic technocultural changes of our time.

Positive-sum. Meaningful. Just. Join us in building towards a future worth living in.

Work Together

When building emerging technology, organizations face challenges with no playbook or known solution. These are the problems we are adept at working on. We develop powerful communications strategies where comparisons are impossible, product designs for undefined categories, social policies and interventions in complex governance and community ecosystems. Above all, we consult with people, organizations, and protocols that have a shared vision of the future.

Past and current clients include Gitcoin, Jesse Walden, Sari Azout, Brud, Interchain Foundation, Aragon, Zora, Braid, and Coin Center. We often collaborate with our sister organization, Applied Arts.

Ethereum Foundation Grant Recipient
UNI Grant Recipient
Squad Members

Toby Shorin Co-founder, Other Internet Site →
Sam Hart Interchain Foundation Site →
Laura Lotti Researcher & Token Economist, Other Internet Site →
John Palmer Designer & Project Leader, PartyDAO Site →
Kei Kreutler Writer Site →
Callil Capuozzo Design Lead, Uniswap Site →
Edouard Urcades Design Lead, Tlon Site →
Aaron Z. Lewis Researcher, Other Internet Site →
Kara Kittel Researcher & Strategist, Other Internet Site →
Tom Critchlow Independent Strategist Site →
Bryan Lehrer Researcher & Strategist, Other Internet Site →
Libby Marrs Researcher, Other Internet Site →
Tiger Dingsun Researcher, Other Internet Site →
Arthur Roing Baer Co-founder, Trust Site →
Yatú Espinosa Artist-Founder, Teal Process & Company Site →
Norm O'Hagan Artist-Founder, Teal Process & Company Site →