Our mission is to investigate the psychological, political, and economic effects of digitalization, and to advance pro-social applications of new media technologies.

We're a non-profit research organization developing mental models and frameworks for humans to thrive alongside today's networked institutions. As networked publics, digital faiths, and productive crowds supersede 20th-century institutional models, we believe we need new prototypes and models for organizations and gathering.

Through our research programs and institutional partnerships with other pioneering organizations, we develop narratives, initiatives, and primitives that direct technology towards the future we'd like to live in: one that is more free, fun, peaceful, and equitable.

Other Internet Research Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. To make an anonymous tax-deductible donation, please visit our Endaoment page.

Work Together

We design and operate research programs and fellowships that create net-new mental models and maximum impact. Since 2018, we’ve pioneered new formats for embedded research in emerging technology spaces. Our research programs typically involve a unique combination of digital ethnography, hands-on work, and first-principles theoretical work. As a result we've been able to consistently historicize, predict, and influence techno-cultural shifts.

With institutional partners we take the same approach of theoretical research and applied projects. Typical partnership outputs include research programs and forums, program/policy designs implementation, open source prototypes and primitives. This model ensures our frameworks are in continuous development, testing, and production.

Here are some organizations we've recently partnered with:

  • We partnered with Optimism to review their public goods funding program and design new iterations.
  • We partnered with Gitcoin to design and run their first expert-curated grant round.
  • We partnered with Station on our research program Web 3 Work to develop models for Web3-native social security.
  • We partnered with Braid to prototype fiat-based group money primitives.
  • We partnered with Metropolis on Governance Learning Forum.
  • We partnered with Uniswap on a deep research and governance design program.

Our work has been supported generously by Uniswap Foundation and the Ethereum Foundation, among other organizations.

Ethereum Foundation Grantee
Uniswap Foundation Grantee

For inquiries about research partnerships, grants, and program design, get in touch at info@otherinter.net.

For inquiries about commercial strategy and narrative work, please contact our sister organization, Applied Arts.

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