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Curated workshops, classes, and reading groups, taught remotely by members of the Other Internet community.

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v1 Takeaways
Now that we've run our first workshops, learn more about the conclusions from these experiments and how we plan to evolve our educational initiatives moving forward.
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Friends as Force Multiplier
Led by Sonya Mann
How can dense clusters of interconnected individuals help each other bootstrap both insight-generation and influence?
Themed Writing Workshop, Nov. 16 2019
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Surveying Financial Manias
Led by Byrne Hobart
Why do economic bubbles happen? What can we do about them?
6-week Online Reading Group, Oct. 28 2019
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The Digital Transformation of Physical Space
Led by Drew Austin
How has the internet transformed the urban built environment, and how can architecture help us make sense of digital space?
4-week Online Reading Group, Nov. 4 2019
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