We bring a thoughtful and purposeful approach to protocol governance. As an independent, values-aligned group of voters, we aim to distribute cryptoeconomic value widely, advance the adoption of democratic and community-led governance designs, and increase the positive externalities of protocols inside and outside the crypto space. Currently, we bring this perspective to our work in Gitcoin and Uniswap governance.


Uniswap Governance
Active Representatives: Other Internet, John Palmer

In Uniswap, we advocate for improvements to the governance process, and increased delegation of treasury funds toward impactful public good projects.

Gitcoin Governance
Active Representatives: Toby Shorin

In Gitcoin, we advance an inclusive attitude toward defining publics, and the expansion of different varieties of public good. In addition, we advocate for the improvement of the core Gitcoin product.


Other Internet is building the first cross-protocol body of knowledge about off-chain governance practices. Many social processes, community models, and user interfaces that are categorized as "community management" are crucial in setting the stage for on-chain proposals and meaningful community contribution. Working with a variety of DAOs, DeFi protocols, and social tokens, we are developing insights and frameworks for projects seeking sufficient decentralization.

The project is led by Toby Shorin, Laura Lotti, Aaron Z. Lewis, and Joanna Pope, and is advised by Maria Gomez. We are supported by Ethereum Foundation, Uniswap Grants Program, and POOL Grants.

If your protocol is interested in becoming a research subject and sponsoring this work, please reach with the subject line: "Protocol Discord Research Grant."

Uniswap Research Report: Discord, Governance, Community
Toby Shorin, Laura Lotti, Aaron Lewis, Joanna Pope, Maria Gomez    August 18, 2021

As it progressively decentralizes, Uniswap faces three core tensions around community strategy and off-chain governance.